The Clubs

The Clubs

Developing interests is a key goal of Spice Valley education. Students are encouraged, guided and supported as they identify,enjoy and explore to pursue a passion and develop interest.For this purpose,a wide variety of clubs that cater to a myriad of interests and specialties are meticulously designed to benefit our students for a rich academic and social life. We emphasize the full engagement in school life beyond classroom experience. Everyone finds joy in joining a club and feel that it’s a winning way while they travel through a unique journey of self-discovery.
Through these efforts, Interacting develop a network of friendships with local and overseas clubs and learn the importance of

  • Developing leadership skills and personal integrity
  • Demonstrating helpfulness and respect for others
  • Understanding the value of individual responsibility and hard work
  • Inculcating international mindedness

  • We have the following clubs in our school
  • English Club
  • Maths Club
  • Science Club

English Club:

Enhancing the students intellectual ability over the language, is thoroughly extended to the students in the form of activity. As a language; motif is to take the concept as a medium and the students are to be prepared with various elements. As such, the language club has chosen their topic “Fibre to Fabric” with that note pupils are able to know the transformation of a raw material into clothe. In this case a simultaneous action has been practicing over to develope the language skill. Pupils did their task as a presentation; they had divided themselves as the classification of fiber and fabrics. Finally, the demo has been portrayed in front of parents on 26th September 2016. Fortunately, our club has won second prize. As a continuation, the second club activity topic has been declared, “Deforestation”. This topic is so enjoyable for the students: concepts and ideas have been given as crux. The pupils started the volunteer work because the activity was drama. Each character in the drama was so deliberate. The spoken style of our students has been moderated somehow, after they took part in the event. They displayed their soul full acting before a panel of judges on 23rd December 2016. Still, the club moving on to the next topic related with history. The club is an act and fun filled. Ultimately, it provokes the students’ ability in different way.

Maths Club:

A student intellectual and reasoning skill can be trained up with the core of Maths club activity in our school. Quest of searching knowledge of our kids led them to choose the topic about “Euler’s contribution for Maths”. Blackboard, chalk additionally we can have some charts for formula, but this was the activity so composed by the kids in dramatic way of approach. Students took the posture of Euler and noble poster of teachers to present formula and the derivations displayed on 26th September 2016. Flow of the next club activity was towards the topic “Data Handling”. The lively event was successfully acquired by our Spice Valleyans entirely. The data could be collected, but it should have a proper comprehensive sign, which was unanimously prepared and delivered on 23rd December 2016, to the ground level students and the bright students as well. As a part of clubs, Maths club takes prejudice to move little advance and kin and kith observation to make our students to understand the concept so fun fully.

Science Club

Each and every action depends on Science. As a human, we are surrounded with science and science equipments, which probably assist us helpfully. Motif to understand the science invention and the transformation, the science club has chosen the topic “How fibre changes in to clothe” in the mode of storytelling. In order to make the kids to understand the experimental concept in storytelling that could be easiest path to observe and over lab with real time experience. Giving chance to particular group of students is not for them to enjoy; that is a powerful medium for teachers to create an environment for the low achievers from the learned pupils. This creates the intimacy between students and learning outcome would be quiet effective as such they explained on 26th September 2016. Frequent action of the science club students’ was to step up to the next topic “Mapping skills about kinds of forest in India”. This covered almost entire area of forest which means when we divide forest as its kind, the flora and fauna will be highlighted. The abundant topic ultimately brings us a holistic theme that is ‘Conservation of forest’ which was studiously displayed on 23rd December 2016. With this enlightening act, pupils would know the way to divide the area statically and clarify the types with different borders. Science club is absolutely apart from the raw experiments, it’s an indeed platform for effective learning from the core of life science.